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We all are moving from traditional to digital mediums very rapidly. Digital marketing is the best way of reaching potential customers through internet mediums. Digital marketing is a cost-effective way to reach potential clients.

At Global TechPie, we offer you a complete digital marketing package that will help you to grow your business digitally using internet mediums. We are the best digital marketing company in Pune because we have a trained team of digital marketers who are capable of completing any digital marketing task professionally.

We offer a cost-effective digital marketing company in Pune who offers measurable and reliable services to business. Contact us and get more customers for your business with one of the top-rated digital marketing agency in Pune.

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Why digital marketing services are important for your business?

Digital marketing is essential because internet users are growing day by day, and it is a cost-effective and measurable form of marketing.
Because your customers are online

If you think you don’t need digital marketing, then you are missing a big opportunity of reaching the massive number of online customers. Over 4.33 billion peoples are using the internet; hence internet marketing became essential to target a large number of online users.

To create an online brand reputation:

It is an excellent way of branding, which helps you to create the right brand image through social media channels. Digital marketing also helps to build brand awareness means the internet is the best way to reach your potential client is modern days.

Because your competitor does digital marketing

To run a successful business, you need to pay attention to what your competitors are doing and what strategy they are using to reach clients. Most of the companies in the modern era are start using digital marketing services, and if you are not, then your competitors will beat you

Internet marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing

Small business has fewer resources and less capital as well; hence online marketing is a better option for small business. Internet marketing offers the best CPL (Cost per Lead) as compare to other marketing channels.

Service we offers as a Leading Digital Marketing Company in pune

Are you looking for an SEO Company in Pune? Then GlobalTech Pie is best for you because we provide a one-stop solution for all your needs.

Let’s take a look at what is SEO? According to us, “Search engine optimization is the practice of improving the ranking of the web page on search engine result pages to get qualitative and quantitative search traffic through the organic search result.”

At GlobalTech Pie, we have an expert SEO team that applies advanced SEO techniques on your site to make your site search engine friendly.

Our SEO process
Requirement analysis

At this phase, we understand the needs of clients, which help us to make a plan for our SEO campaigns.

Keyword research

At this phase, we research the relevant search terms which have high search volume to create content.

On site optimization

At this stage, we optimize website content and improve user experience to make website user-friendly and search engine friendly.

Technical SEO

We work on technical things like robots.txt, Schema markup, and other technical matters which help search engine to rank right content.

Off page SEO

At this stage, we create high-quality backlinks to improve website ranking on search engine result pages.


At the end of every month, we provide a detailed ranking report with a backlink and SEO work to our clients.

SEM stands for search engine marketing, and search engine marketing is a very effective way to beat the competitors. As a reputed software company in Pune, we provide you reliable search engine marketing services. Search engine marketing is a type of digital marketing where we pay money to search engines to show our ad in the top result.

The primary difference between SEO and SMO is in SMO; we pay money to search engines to show our ads, and in SEO, we don’t have to pay money to the search engines.

Types of paid ads are as follows
Search Ads

Search ads are an easy way to get a higher ranking of search engine result page for chosen keywords. We have certified Google search ad experts who can create effective search ads to generate leads for your business.

Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads are essential marketing of eCommerce websites. To show shopping ads, you need the approval of the Google merchant center, then these ads show on Google shopping pages, shopping platforms, and sometimes on SERP.

Video Ads

Google provides the facility of showing ads on video format on YouTube and partner video networks. As the best digital marketing company in Pune, we offer video ads experience to our clients. Video ads are beneficial because people love video content

Display Ads

Display ads are the best way to reach the targeted audience when they visit different search engine partnered websites. These ads are also shown on apps and in emails. Our team has sound knowledge of Google display ads that can help you to reach

Social media is an integral part of digital marketing, and as a reputed digital marketing company in Pune, we offer you world-class social media marketing services. Social media marketing is cost-effective as compared to search engine marketing, and it helps to generate engagement with clients.

Our digital marketing packages include social media marketing services, which help to generate leads for your business.

We offer all types of social media marketing services but some major social media marketing channels we manage for our clients.
Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the most target forms of digital marketing; it helps to reach potential clients by using advanced targeting methods. Another important fact is 80% of internet users use Facebook. We have a team of social media marketing who can help you to generate leads and sales through Facebook optimization and marketing.


Twitter helps businesses to create a bright and valuable corporate image. Twitter is also the best option to provide customer support. Twitter is essential to share information, but we can use it to find out local and global trends in the industry.


Instagram is getting popular nowadays, and it is also helpful in selling products online. Instagram is an excellent platform to connect with customers and brand awareness. Instagram is the best platform to connect with young people because around 60% of users are between the ages of 18 to 30 and about 800 million currently active on Instagram.

Linked in

Linked is very important for business to business companies than other social media channels. It’s also important because we can generate high-quality leads using this platform. Linked In is an excellent place to meet professional peoples and grow the network.

Email marketing is a potent digital marketing tool to contact and connect with existing and potential customers. More than 2.5 billion peoples actively use email worldwide; hence email marketing is one of the essential parts of digital marketing.

Email marketing campaigns are customizable and cost-effective ways of reaching peoples. At Global TechPie, we provide you professional email marketing services.

Why we are best email marketing company

We provide value to mail subscribers which help our clients to create brand image.
We send email on right time which helps to increase open rate.
We have experience team of content writer who create compelling and easy to read emails.
We create device compatible email templates which are very important to improve user experience.

Why us?

We are expert in multiple digital marketing channels because in digital marketing we have to follow omni chnnel approach to maximum customers.

As renowned internet marketing agency in Pune we create beautiful website and sharable content to improve user experience and user engagement.

Great team is important plays important role in success of any company we have passionate and trained team which helps us to offer great services to clients.

We take responsibility of meeting the marketing needs of our clients. We work with responsibility to offer best ROI to our Clients.

We offer 24/7 Customer support to our clients in any situation. You can contact us through social media channels like face book, whatsapp, LinkedIn or you can mail us or call us.

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